2021 Summer Snooker A grade

Four games per match. Best of three frames for each game. Home team captain fills in two names on the scorecard, away team captain fills out all four names, then the home team captain matches the last two names. All names must be on the scorecard before the match starts. Players earn one point for winning their match.

A team may have one player play two games, as long as that team is using a minimum of three players on the night.

Home team responsibilities during Covid-19


1SX White516
2SX Green510
3SX Pink42

High Break

Player Stats

PlayerGames WGames LFrame %Frames WFrames LGame %
Alan Tianshi7178.9515487.50
George Huang6080.00123100.00
John Pagden2255.565450.00
Sankar Maharajan000.00000.00
Paul Bunce2442.866833.33
Steven Thomas000.00000.00
Aman Cheema000.00000.00
Noel Williams0614.292120.00
Michael Wilson000.00000.00
Raj Das000.00000.00
Charles Bastecky2171.435266.67
Murray Jeffries000.00000.00