ACT State Billiards Champions

2022 Nick Payne Ken Bromley
2021 Rajesh Das Steve Thomas
2020 Rajesh Das Ken Bromley
2019 Rajesh Das Nick Payne
2018 Rajesh Das Nick Payne
2016 Graeme Barrett Rajesh Das
2015 John Machen Bob Fraser
2014 Rajesh Das Graeme Barrett
2013 Bob Fraser Rajesh Das
2012 Graeme Barrett Rajesh Das
2011 Mark O’Neill Peter Tindale
2010 Peter Tindale Graeme Barrett
2009 Bob Fraser Peter Tindale
2008 Bob Fraser Mark O’Neill
2007 Bob Fraser Peter Tindale
2006 Peter Tindale Mark Patton
2005 David Kilpatrick Graham Taylor
2004 David Kilpatrick Graham Taylor
2003 David Kilpatrick Mark O’Neill
2002 Peter Tindale Syd Campbell
2001 David Kilpatrick Bob Fraser
2000 Graeme Barrett David Kilpatrick
1999 Peter Tindale Bob Fraser
1998 Mike Wollin Syd Campbell
1997 Peter Tindale Mike Wollin
1996 Graeme Barrett Peter Tindale
1995 Peter Tindale Syd Campbell
1994 Bill Davies Peter Tindale
1993 Bill Davies Peter Tindale
1992 Bill Davies
1991 Bill Davies
1990 Bill Davies
1989 Bill Davies
1988 Bill Davies

Formerly played as
ACT Amateur Billiards Championship

1970 Arthur Allen
1966 *
Bill Beadman Dick Channell
1962 Bill Beadman Arthur Allen
1959 Arthur Allen Bill Beadman
1955 Jack Bower Jim Prendergast
1954 Bill Beadman Jack Bower
1953 Bill Beadman Jim Prendergast
1952 Bill Beadman
1951 Bill Beadman
1950 Bill Beadman
1949 Bill Beadman
1948 Bill Beadman

* Bill Beadman and Dick Channell played the final in 1966, it’s thought that Bill won but we aren’t sure.

We have some results missing between 1955 and 1988. Any help filling in missing information would be much appreciated.