ACT State Snooker Champions

2023 Jason Magee Jason Perry
2022 Nick Payne Jason Perry
2021 Steven Thomas Rajesh Das
2020 Murray Jeffries Nick Payne
2019 Murray Jeffries Nick Payne
2018 Nick Payne Sid Scott
2017 Steve Woods Edmund Chen
2016 Steve Woods Rajesh Das
2015 Steve Woods Edmund Chen
2014 Steve Woods Edmund Chen
2013 Edmund Chen Jason Perry
2012 Edmund Chen Rajesh Das
2011 Rajesh Das Neil Whitbread
2010 Steve Woods Edmund Chen
2009 Steve Woods Edmund Chen
2008 Steve Woods Edmund Chen
2007 Steve Woods Rajesh Das
2006 Steve Woods Sanya Prasertsakhoun
2005 Steve Woods David Kilpatrick
2004 Steve Woods John Pavlic
2003 Steve Woods John Pavlic
2002 Steve Woods Wayne McKenna
2001 Steve Woods Bon Tran
2000 Graham Taylor Nick Hourigan
1999 Wayne McKenna Thai Nguyen
1998 Bon Tran David Grantham
1997 Chris Lesui Graham Taylor
1996 Wayne McKenna Graeme Barrett
1995 Graham Taylor Ron Eyles
1994 Tony Papworth Mark O’Neill
1993 Jim McCormack Mark O’Neill
1992 Ron Eyles Wayne McKenna
1991 Chris Lesui Mark O’Neill
1990 Ron Eyles
1989 Richard Yonan John Hunter
1988 Jim McCormack Mark O’Neill
1987 Jim McCormack
1986 Craig Paterson Mark O’Neill
1985 Jim McCormack
1959 Grahame Brown Mark Slater

We have results missing earlier than 1985. Any help filling in missing information would be much appreciated.